The Pelion SA Development Company founded in 1991.

The Company is governed by the provisions of Article 273 of the Municipalities Code – Presidential Decree 323/1989 Government Gazette! 146 and run as a mixed economy, according to the Municipal and Community Code – Presidential Decree 42/198 Gov. A.! 146. It is also subject to the provisions of Law. 2190/1920 on Joint Stock Companies, as amended and in force by the N.2339 / 1995.

Management Bodies and Liability Positions HOU

  • Shareholders’ general meeting
  • Board of directors
  • President, Vice President, Managing Director

Company objectives

  • The coordination of disparate development initiatives
  • The supply of the necessary research and planning studies of organizations to gain a single integrated development strategy
  • Creating conditions and convergence capabilities and partnerships of public, social and private sectors
  • The contribution to the long-term investment planning and coordination of individual development programs
  • The promotion of the modernization of the institutions of the local community
  • The combination of Community funding with policies leading to sustainable and efficient investment
  • The promotion of local culture and especially cultural characteristics
  • The contribution to environmental protection
  • Support liaison with national or transnational networks of local organizations
  • The introduction of innovation in local community
  • The promotion of the region and local products
  • Technical support local actors and local initiatives
  • Information, awareness, information, encouragement of individual citizens and groups of citizens.

Our core these options have been vindicated in practice through effective planning of our activities we have already implemented and implement, and includes:

  • Implementing programs
  • Support local initiatives
  • The Company’s participation in networks
  • The development of social, cultural and environmental activities